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Justin K. Arnold

Kino Lorber on July 19 will release the eighth and final collection of vintage black and white noir films. Noir: The Dark Side of Cinema VIII.

The Blu-ray Disc set includes three 1940s classics: Street of Chance, Arsen Lupine enters and Temptationand has a suggested retail price of $ 49.95.

Street of change (1942) according to the novel Black curtain Cornel Woolrich (Rear window). Burgess Meredith depicts Frank Thompson, an amnesia patient, waking up in the middle of the street, not knowing where he is, how he got there and why the letters “DN” are written on his cigarette case and hat. He is trying to sort out his former life, while the mysterious stranger (Claire Trevor) seems more interested in exploring his past than his wife Virginia (Louise Platt). Then there’s the murder question, which Frank doesn’t remember him committing.

У Arsen Lupine enters (1944), the charming French thief Arsene Lupine (Charles Corwin) steals a priceless emerald from the beautiful English heiress Stacy Canares (Ella Raines) on her way to Paris on the Orient Express. He is so fascinated by Stacey that he is redirected to the UK to regain value. Meanwhile, her cousin Bessie (Gail Sondergard) plans to kill Stacey to claim her inheritance. Lupine is determined to intervene to save Stacey’s life, but this puts him at risk of being captured by the stubborn police officer Ganymard (J. Carol Nash).

The third film of 1946 Temptationis a Victorian noir film in which Merle Oberon plays Ruby, the new wife of wealthy archaeologist Nigel (George Brent, Spiral staircase). Not knowing her husband, Ruby had a rather complicated past involving several divorces and extramarital affairs. While Nigel digs up an ancient mummy, Ruby contacts Barudi (Charles Corwin), a sleek but impoverished Egyptian opportunist. When Barudi threatens to leave Ruby if she does not release her husband, she prepares to poison the enslaved Nigel, creating the ground for an exciting finale of revenge and retribution.

All three films from the new 2K masters. Kino Lorber’s Blu-ray Disc Kit includes new audio commentaries on “Streets of Chance” (by professor and film critic Jason A. Ney, Enter Arsene Lupine (by film historian Anthony Slide and “Temptation”) by film historian Kelly Robinson).

https://www.mediaplaynews.com/latest-kino-lorber-film-noir-collection-includes-street-of-chance-enter-arsene-lupin-and-temptation/ Kino Lorber Film Noir’s latest collection of films includes “Street of Chance”, “Enter Arsene Lupine” and “Temptation” – Media Play News

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