King Charles III: When did Charles I and II reign?

The death of Queen Elizabeth II means that the UK will have a new monarch for the first time since 1952.

The reign of King Charles III began and, as the name suggests, he became the third monarch known as Charles in the history of the crown.

Both namesakes of King Charles III had turbulent reigns as monarchs that saw civil wars, plague outbreaks and the worst fire London had ever seen.

This is how kings Charles I and II lived during their time on the throne.

Who was Charles I?

Charles I was born in Fife, Scotland, on November 19, 1600, and became king in 1625, but his reign was marred by discontent.

This tension led to three civil wars that occurred during his reign.

The first of these wars was with Scotland in 1637, Ireland in 1641, and then England in 1642-46, and then in 1648.

It was during the first English Civil War that Charles I surrendered to the Scots, believing that his actions were a way to oppose the monarchists and parliamentarians.

When Cromwell’s forces won the second civil war, they put the king on trial for treason, believing that permanent peace was impossible while King Charles I was still alive.

King Charles I was sentenced to death on January 27, 1649, and three days later he was beheaded outside the Banqueting House in Whitehall.

According to the official page of the history of The royal family, Charles I was: “reticent (he had a residual stammer), self-assured, and highly esteemed royal authority, believing in the divine right of kings. He was a good linguist and a sensitive person with refined taste.”

King Charles II

After 11 years of parliamentary rule, the eldest son of Charles I was crowned king.

King Charles II was crowned in 1660 after nine years of exile in Scotland.

In 1665, a great plague swept the country, killing almost everyone in its path.

The plague was only successfully stopped by the Great Fire of London, which engulfed the capital and destroyed many buildings in the city.

Charles II was on the throne during both of these historical events, and his turbulent reign continued to the very end.

The last phase of the reign of Charles II was devoted mainly to attempts to settle religious differences.

The king had no legitimate children, and he was well aware that the Scots were anxious at the prospect of his Catholic brother James after him.

Charles died of a stroke in 1685, but the problem was still not solved. King Charles III: When did Charles I and II reign?

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