Keeping beef in front of consumers


Keeping beef in front of consumers

Changing consumer buying habits have changed how state beef boards use some of their dollars.

Tammy Vaassen, executive director of the Wisconsin Beef Council, says online shopping continues to grow. “That took the retail industry by surprise,” she says. “So they’ve adapted how they’re reaching their customers, and because of that, we’re also marketing in that e-commerce space or advertising there to drive more beef purchases.”

She tells Brownfield that the coronavirus pandemic has led to families eating more meals at home, and the organization has gotten creative to keep beef at the center of the plate. “We implemented a monthly virtual cooking class where consumers sign up via Zoom,” she says. “We expose them to how to cut beef, the nutritional value of beef, and how to prepare it so they can have dinner on the table for their family in less than an hour.”

Vaassen says classes have continued even as restaurants have resumed in-store dining as inflationary pressures push consumers to eat more meals at home.

She says the classes include recipes from Beef, site is what’s for dinner.

AUDIO: Tammy Vaassen, Wisconsin Beef Council Keeping beef in front of consumers

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