Kayhan Space and Precious Payload team up to expand access to space traffic management

As satellite and mission operators grapple with unprecedented space congestion, Kayhan Space and Precious Payload have announced a strategic partnership to provide greater access to breakthrough spaceflight safety solutions.

As part of the collaboration agreement, Precious Payload will offer Pathfinder – Kayhan’s collision avoidance and connectivity assessment software – to satellite operators, developers and space systems integrators that use its comprehensive online process and solutions portal to build space mission capabilities.

Precious Payload offers operators a wide range of customized tools to design and deploy their individual mission requirements, including the Launch.ctrl marketplace for satellite launches, mission analysis, launch licensing, ground station development, insurance procurement, operations, and now a full suite of space space software solutions for traffic management.

“We are very excited to team up with Kayhan Space and seamlessly integrate its high-performance autonomous space flight safety tools through the flexible service packages available in our marketplace,” said Andrew Maksimov, CEO and founder of Precious Payload. “So many orbits have become extremely crowded and dangerous for launchers and space missions, and Precious Payload is committed to offering technologies like Kayhan’s collision avoidance and connectivity assessment innovations to help ensure the sustainability of space for our customers and future generations.”

“Satellite and mission operators must minimize their risks by proactively enhancing space flight safety capabilities to optimize success in key orbits where increased traffic and debris threaten the sustainability of space operations,” said Siamak Hesar, CEO and co-founder of Kayhan Space. “Kayhan Space and Precious Payload share a strong commitment to the safety and sustainability of spaceflight, and we are excited to join this popular market to deliver our complementary solutions in support of this very important goal for operators.”

Kayhan Pathfinder delivers next-generation autonomous spaceflight safety systems that enable operators to make preemptive maneuvers based on accurate analytics to avoid collisions in space.

The cloud-delivered offering uses proprietary advanced algorithms along with accurate space catalog data, operator GPS positioning signals, power capabilities and flight plans to simulate, coordinate and rapidly generate optimal maneuver options in the event of a potential collision or engagement threat. Pathfinder enhances communication and coordination capabilities between operators and provides coordinated autonomous evasive maneuvers in the event of a connection between two operational satellites.

Users of the Precious Payload trading portal can now easily integrate Pathfinder into their overall mission planning and execution to proactively reduce operational risk in increasingly congested orbits.

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