Kanye West’s life-sized crucifixion sculpture released for the first time

Reconsidered as the Golden Christ, Kanye West’s life-sized fiberglass sculpture is one of the first collections of contemporary art to be sold.

Julian’s Beverly Hills, an auction house, hosts the presentation and sale of more than 50 works from the most acclaimed contemporary art stars.

Artists such as Blek le Rat, Risk and Billy Morrison will all appear in the Degrees Of Separation exhibition later this month, as well as in anonymous British star Plastic Jesus.

Artist Risk and Billy Morrison’s collaboration is one of the contemporary artworks for sale (Julian’s Beverly Hills, PA)

Plastic Jesus is best known for its provocative street installations, including the 6-inch wall placed around Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2016.

His work with artist Ginger, called False Idol – Kanye West, became a hot topic all over the world when it was built in Hollywood before the 2017 Oscar.

The sculpture features the west as Jesus during the crucifixion, but with an additional twist of glittering around his neck.

It will be on sale for the first time at an exhibition with a price tag of $ 30,000 (£ 21,000).

Other highlights of the exhibition include a collaboration between American street artist Risk, known as Kelly Graval, and British musician and artist Morrison.

They worked together for a large-scale painting of a butterfly with double-flag wings representing each country.

Guitarist Morrison, known for his work with Billy Idol, said the work meant “change and rebirth.”

French graffiti artist Blek le Rat was also found in his “lost paintings” as he disappeared from a gallery in San Francisco in 2012 before being recovered from an abandoned church in Florida in 2019. We will exhibit some.

The Degrees Of Separation will be on display and for sale at Julian’s Beverly Hills from June 25th to 30th.

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