Justice Department withdraws proceedings and investigates John Bolton’s memoirs

June 16th (UPI)- The Justice Department withdrew its proceedings and criminal investigation involving a former national security adviser on Wednesday John BoltonA book about his time in the Trump administration.

Department store Dismissed the proceedings Launched by the previous administration seeking royalties for Bolton’s memoirs The room where it happened For publishing it without the full approval of the Trump administration.

The criminal investigation into whether the book disclosed confidential information was also withdrawn by the department, Reported by Politico..

The decision comes a year after the Trump Department of Justice blocked the publication of the book as “confidentially rich” and claimed that publishing it would be a breach of his employment at the White House.

A federal judge said Bolton “probably jeopardized national security,” but said the book had already been “printed, bound, and shipped nationwide,” blocking the release of memoirs. Refused to do that.

Covering Bolton’s time as a national security adviser at Trump’s White House from April 2018 to September 2019, the book was released a week later, portraying the former president as corrupt and “dangerous.” Or a country that focuses solely on reelection, even if it means weakening. “

Bolton lawyer Charles Cooper praised the decision in a statement To CNN, Said the proceedings against his client seemed to be politically motivated.

“Neither action was justified because it started only as a result of President Trump’s politically motivated order to block the publication of the ambassador’s book before the 2020 election,” Cooper said. It was.

“By completing these procedures without penalizing Ambassador Bolton or limiting income from books, the Justice Department implicitly implied that President Trump and his White House officials had acted illegally. I admitted it in. “ Justice Department withdraws proceedings and investigates John Bolton’s memoirs

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