Irwin welcomes the progress of the panels Farm life

Mr Irwin said it was an important step forward and was a positive development for farmers, as the new legislation now in force is crucial to ensuring that the verdict of the Board of Appeal is declared final.

In recent years, Mr. Irwin has argued that it is fundamentally wrong that the verdicts of independent appeals boards in favor of the farmer have in some cases not been accepted by DAERA officials as final. The reversal of such sentences has resulted in farmers losing thousands of pounds in withheld direct payments.

Mr Irwin said: “It is a very important and very pleasant step forward to see the legislation come into force in early February. I also welcome the fact that the Minister and his officials have begun the process of recruiting board members and chairmen for this important service. I would encourage people who feel they meet the eligibility criteria to participate in the panel to apply.

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Bulletin i cut through the noise

“This is an issue that has long been at the heart of controversy in the farming community, and I have represented a number of farmers in recent years where independent commission verdicts have been in favor of the farmer, but when the verdict was presented to officials solution. In fact, it cost the farmer thousands of pounds in withheld direct payments. ”

He concluded: “With me in my statements, a lot of work has been done on this issue by the late Brian Little, as well as MP Jim Shannon, and it is gratifying to see that we have reached the stage where recruitment for a new panel begins. This will undoubtedly be a step forward and will give additional powers and weight to the boards, and in fact they will be truly independent of the department, especially in their judgments. This is the only thing, but it is true that it is so, because I know that in other spheres of power the verdicts of independent boards are final, it brings a much-needed balance to the table. “ Irwin welcomes the progress of the panels Farm life

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