IQVIA and BREATHE will form a team to perform early diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases.

BREATHE aims to make more people breathe a little easier, and the Health Data Research Hub has come one step closer to that goal this week in collaboration with IQVIA.

The organization is partnering with a clinical research service provider to speed up the early diagnosis and treatment of respiratory illness in the United Kingdom. The goal of this initiative is to use IQVIA’s health data, genomic function, and care pathway analysis to put respiratory disease at the forefront of collaborative programs.

“In collaboration with BREATHE, we will catalyze the power of UK’s unique wealth of health data to bring gradual improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases and further attract research that accelerates the discovery of innovative medicines. I am very excited. Optimal use of existing NICE approved treatments. ” Angela McFarlane, IQVIA’s Senior Market Development Director, said in a statement.

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The effort also aims to increase the UK’s presence in the field of health data-enabled research and to attract more investment in big pharma and biotechnology.

The program also wants to reduce the burden on the taxpayer-funded NHS. Respiratory illness is the third leading cause of death in the United Kingdom, with billions of financial sacrifices, the organization said.

Improving diagnostic accuracy, increasing the availability of personalized treatments, and increasing faster referrals to professional care are all part of the expected outcomes of collaboration.

BREATHE hopes to drive research and innovation through collaboration with partners and patients using unidentified health data.

Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and lung cancer are some of the respiratory diseases targeted by this initiative. Organizations may also create treatment options for the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the so-called long COVID, by identifying patients early and collecting data. IQVIA and BREATHE will form a team to perform early diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases.

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