Inside the unauthorized biography of Anna Wintour


Anna Wintour is perhaps the most recognizable name in the fashion media. In her new biography of Wintour, author Amy Odell attempts to paint a subtle and carefully researched picture of Wintour’s life based on hundreds of interviews and extensive archival research.

This week in The BoF Podcast Odele joins Imran Amed of BoF to talk about the biographical process of the sophisticated titanium fashion and gives some information about what she learned about Wintour’s life and career, as well as what awaits her in the future. Vogue in the era after Anna Wintour.

Key ideas:

  • Even amid a number of shifts in the industry, including the decline of the print media, Wintour has retained her power in part thanks to a strong network of people – in fashion and beyond – who appreciate her advice and her ability to connect the business and creative sides of fashion.
  • Former colleagues and friends described Wintour as future-oriented and hungry; she didn’t stop work because she likes work.
  • Anyone who replaces Wintour as editor-in-chief will inherit the great role that comes with the role. Odell’s theory that Fr. Vogue The next, as always in the past, will be auditioned veteran.

Additional resources:

  • Which means a big promotion of Anna Wintour for Condé Nast: As the publisher focuses on returning to profitability, a new unified content strategy led by Anna Wintour, more powerful for the publisher than ever, seeks to make its strategy more effective and interconnected.
  • Organization chart: VogueA new global editorial structure: Heavyweight international Vogue Editors who once held the forefront of Paris Fashion Week have disappeared this season, a testament to the restructuring that has consolidated power in the hands of world-renowned editor Anna Wintour and her regional deputies.

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