Ingevity Begins Expanded Production of Caprolactone Polyols in Louisiana – Chemical Engineering

September 30, 2022 | By Mary Bailey

Ingevity Corp. (North Charleston, WV) announced that the company has launched a new Capa polyols facility and produced the first commercial quantities of its high-performance caprolactone polyols in the United States (US). The completion of the company’s expansion at its facility in DeRidder, Louisiana increases Ingevity’s global polyol production capacity by 40% and enables the company to better meet growing demand for the Capa portfolio and more efficiently serve its customers by reducing global lead times.

“The addition of Capa polyols production in the US strengthens Ingevity’s ability to respond to growing demand and demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative solutions to our ever-growing customer base in the region,” said Steve, Ingevity’s senior vice president, Performance Chemicals and president of Engineered Polymers. Halm. “The completion of the Capa expansion is a great accomplishment for our teams in DeRidder and Warrington, expanding opportunities for Engineered Polymers and our broader Performance Chemicals segment.”

Investments in the Ingevity DeRidder plant include the installation of a monomer storage tank to not only support the production of derivative polyols, but also to simplify and enable bulk supply of monomers to customers in the US.

“We are excited about the increased capacity, which we expect will enable us to support our global customers with improved service levels and shorter lead times,” said Joel Neal, Chief Commercial Officer at Ingevity. “We believe the increased availability of our Capa polyols will also allow our customers to take advantage of growth opportunities in emerging markets.”

Operating since 1977, Ingevity’s DeRidder facility employs 187 people and includes the production of emulsifiers, rosin and tall oil fatty acids used in a variety of applications such as adhesives, asphalt additives, publication inks, metalworking fluids, drilling additives solutions, extraction of oil fields, chemicals, paints and coatings. Ingevity also operates polycaprolactone manufacturing in Warrington, UK. Ingevity Begins Expanded Production of Caprolactone Polyols in Louisiana – Chemical Engineering

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