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High-yielding rice variety Clearfield with long grain

A new high-yielding rice variety Clearfield, developed by Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station, will be available for rice cultivation with Horizon Ag in 2023.

The new rice is called CLL18 and averaged 221 bushels per acre over two years in Arkansas Rice Performance Tests in 2020-21 conducted by the University of Arkansas Department of Agriculture.

Starting in 2022, the ARPT will be called the Arkansas Rice Variety Advanced Trials.

The new Clearfield variety was named CLL18.

“It was Clearfield’s most productive non-hybrid rice at ARPT in two years,” said Karen Moldenhauer, professor and rice breeder at the experimental station. “She looked very good in all the trials she went through.

“CLL18 is an excellent Longfield long-grain line derived from the intersection of Roy J and CL142-AR, manufactured at the Rice Research and Expansion Center in Stuttgart in 2011. It has an excellent crop of coarse rice. CLL18 yielded an average of 221 bushels per acre in two years in the 2020-21 ARPT, compared to CLL16 at 210 bushels per acre and Diamond at 209 bushels per acre ”.

Frank Hardiman, rice licensing manager at BASF Agricultural Solutions, said: “BASF views CLL18 as a new high-performance Clearfield variety that will greatly benefit Arkansas rice growers as well as rice growers from the Mid-South to coastal states.

Tim Walker, general manager of Horizon Ag, said: “We are delighted that the new CLL18 will have in our portfolio of high-end Clearfield rice varieties and the excellent productivity potential it offers to farmers.

“CLL18 has shown that it has a yield potential equal to or greater than CLL16, which has proven that it can yield crops with the most efficient varieties and even hybrids. Also, because CLL18 has matured earlier than CLL16, and seems to be well adapted to the coastal regions of Louisiana and Texas, it may be better suited to second-harvest situations. ”

CLL18 will be in seed production in 2022, Walker said. It encourages farmers to see how it works and where it fits on their farms, along with other Horizon Ag Clearfield performers such as CLL16, CLL15 and CLL17.

“Because CLL18 doesn’t have the pi-ta gene, it doesn’t have as broad a spectrum for an explosion as CLL16,” Walker said. “But it will be a great addition to Clearfield’s most efficient varieties, helping farmers improve production capacity and profitability.”

Moldenhauer said CLL18 has a plant height of 37 inches with a grain weight and core size like Diamond, and an early ripening period similar to CLL15. It has a resistance to deposition similar to Diamond and CLL16.

“CLL18 is moderately susceptible to the common rice blast, bacterial panicle blight and false head,” Moldenhauer said. “It is moderately resistant to narrow brown leaf spot.” CLL18 has the typical South American quality of long-grain cooking.

Fertilizers and other management tips are available at county offices or at Horizon Ag.

Korean wholesalers are successfully promoting American rice online

In collaboration with Daesang Bestco, a major food wholesaler, USA Rice conducted a series of online stocks of American rice during December 2021, according to The USA Rice Daily.

“Daesang Bestco has been an advertising partner of USA Rice many times over the past two years,” said Jim Guin, director of rice promotion programs in Asia.

“They buy rice in the U.S. at weekly table rice auctions held by Korea Agro-Fisheries Food Trade Corporation, and their core customer base ranges from small caterers to individual consumers. Until recently, Daesang focused on in-store sales, but the COVID pandemic spurred their online sales efforts. ”

Last December, Daesang redesigned the main online banner of its website to highlight American Rice, one of their key sellers, and posted it on the front page of both its online store and mobile app all month.

The banner featured the ThinkRice logo and listed the benefits of medium-sized rice from the US. Daesang has also added American rice to the category of premium goods called “Doctor’s Choice”.

“Daesang recently reported that as a result of the December online advertising campaign, sales of medium-grain rice in the U.S. rose in the online store from 50 tons to 70 tons, which is about 40% higher than in December 2020,” Guin said.

“Sales of mobile applications were 10 tons or twice less, which is considered a very good start for the mobile channel. USA Rice Korea believes that efforts to promote with Daesang will continue to increase rice sales in the US in the future. ”

South Korea is the second largest U.S. rice market in Asia and the seventh largest U.S. rice export destination, importing more than 156,000 tons in the first 11 months of 2021.

Where to learn more about wild rice production in California

To provide key information for producers and researchers on wild rice production (Zizania palustris), the UCCE Sutter-Yuba team and the Agronomy Research and Information Center created a wild rice database in 2020.

It is located in in the Wild Rice Database section.

Topics of the articles include varieties and cultivation, processing and marketing. The database also includes publications on pest control, seed and water management. For more information, write to Whitney Brim-DeForest at Industry news for February 2022

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