Inactivity of the Treasury for the production of red diesel “shameful” – McAlir

From April 2022, the use of red diesel will no longer be allowed for construction and other unauthorized purposes.

A representative of the party on agriculture said: “I was shocked and disappointed when I received this disgraceful response from the Ministry of Finance to our letter outlining our problems.

“Restricting the right to red diesel will increase fuel costs for a number of local industries such as manufacturing, construction and transportation.

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Declan McAlir

“The decision will also affect farmers engaged in non-agricultural activities, such as charity races and assistance in local construction projects, such as using their own tractors and trailers to move gravel or soil on plots.

“In our letter, we appealed to the Treasury Officials to inform members, but in their response they did not address the issue and do not seem interested in being honest about the issue. This is especially appalling given that the meeting could have taken place online if the official had not had to physically come here from London.

“The Ministry of Finance referred to the problems with the environment, but in fact this measure concerns the squeezing of a higher tax from companies that are already experiencing inflationary pressures and rising energy prices.

“Although agricultural purposes will still be exempt, many farmers use their vehicles for daily activities and are now thrown into legal uncertainty regarding this use.

“I urge the UK Treasury to meet urgently with our committee to discuss this and take local business issues seriously.” Inactivity of the Treasury for the production of red diesel “shameful” – McAlir

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