In March, Germany lifts most of Covid’s restrictions

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Germany plans to lift most of the restrictions on COVID in March. On Sunday, an expert committee of the German government announced a “new phase of the pandemic” due to Omicron’s mild symptoms and said “possible responsible mitigation or change of measures”.

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The plan, released this week, envisions opening the country in 3 phases.

  • In the first stage, the upper limit for private meetings of vaccinated and cured people will be increased, restrictions on insignificant activities will be lifted and the requirement to wear a medical mask will be replaced.
  • Step two will take place around March 4 and will involve replacing 2G rules in restaurants and bars with 3G rules, meaning entry will be granted to those who have been vaccinated, cured or have a negative test. The same goes for hotels. The nightclub will be allowed to recover with the current 2G plus rules.
Vaccine passport
  • The third step, the last, will take place around March 20 and will include the abolition of all “deeper protection measures”, including the duty to work from home.

The final decision will be made on February 16, and it seems the government will decide to lift the restrictions.

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This decision was made when the Omicron variant was raging in Germany. Over the past month, the country has seen a record number of new cases every day. In some days there were up to 400,000 new cases. Fortunately, hospitalization and death did not follow this trend. Experts believe that the peak of Omicron infection in Germany will be observed next week and then decline sharply, as we have seen in other countries.

Omicron option

In Germany, throughout the pandemic there were strict restrictions, even reached blocking unvaccinated at one point. The government has also witnessed mass protests against some of the rules passed. This recent shift in government policy stems from changing societal concerns about the virus.

Berlin protest

Germany is not the only country in Europe that is easing restrictions.

Several countries on the continent have weakened or even removed all restrictions. Including Finland, Norway, Denmark, France, and the list is growing every day.

German Christmas Fair

What do the “3G”, “2G” and “2G Plus” rules mean?

This system is used in Germany and Austria, but can be a bit confusing for an outsider. Here is what these notations mean:

  • 3G: Persons who have been cured of COVID, fully vaccinated or tested are allowed
  • 2G: Accepted individuals who have been cured of COVID or fully vaccinated
  • 2G plus: persons who have been cured of COVID, or fully vaccinated persons, are allowed if they may also show a negative test result (People with revaccination do not need analysis)
German Christmas Fair

Be sure to wear a mask indoors, on public transportation and where social distancing is not possible. The mask should be FFP2 or KN95, tissue masks are not accepted. Home work orders are still valid in most parts of the country. Schools are starting to open in most regions.

75% of the country is fully vaccinated and 55% have been re-vaccinated. The government has expressed the idea of ​​a vaccination mandate similar to the Austrian one, but some officials are beginning to doubt whether it is necessary at this point in the pandemic.

FFP2 face mask

Currently, fully vaccinated Americans can enter Germany without a negative COVID test. For unvaccinated travelers, it’s a little trickier. Travelers who have not been fully vaccinated will need to “demonstrate the important need to travel”. You can find more information on this here. To obtain the German COVID digital certificate, foreigners can enter any pharmacy, and a temporary certificate will be created for you.

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