Illinois FFA New Executive Team


Illinois FFA New Executive Team

The delegation elected Adam Loker from the Wayne City FFA branch on Thursday as President of FFA, Illinois.

“I love you! I love each of you. Oh, this feels great right now!”

Loker says he’s ready to start work on their behalf. “Thank you, Illinois FFA. I look forward to having a great year as your Illinois President!”

Prior to the vote, Illinois State FFA Secretary-General Mindy Banselmeier said, “Thanks to the 2020 executive team for being elected at the most unpredictable times, but they are generous, respectful and kind. He led this organization with positiveness and empathy. “

Blue Ridge’s Jaton Shaffer has been elected Vice President. Lauren Mall in Normal West is a state reporter. Macomb’s Gracie Murphy has been elected secretary.

The 2021 annual convention was held both online and face-to-face this year. Illinois FFA New Executive Team

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