IDG acquires sales facilitation to become a major provider of B2B Tech Lead Providers

IDG Communications, a media, events and research company has announced that it has acquired Selling Simplified, a marketing platform as a service (MaaS). Selling Simplified offers products for lead generation, analytics and data services. Thanks to this acquisition, IDG will become a major player in the B2B technology sector.

Selling Simplified offers two opportunities for product growth in IDG. First, it provides a global set of data that relates specifically to the technology industry. IDG can add this to an existing existing audience. Second, it provides a marketing technology platform (Martech) that identifies and evaluates signals of intent based on participation in a company through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Motivational factor of acquisition

Over the past few years, IDG has been actively incorporating into its network and editorial brands an integrated platform for generating leads and marketing technologies. The Selling Simplified acquisition is the latest in an series of IDG acquisitions in more than 1.5 years as part of this effort. In June 2020, the company acquired by Triblio, an account-based marketing platform (ABM). Later, in September 2021, he acquired KickFire, a marketing and intelligence company. Again in December, it is bought through LeadSift, a B2B marketing and sales platform. IDG has already integrated all of these platforms into its datasets and technical editorial sites.

By purchasing Selling Simplified, IDG will add the ability to generate lead-level accounts and AI-level contacts to its Martech-based intent set.

Speaking about the acquisition, Kumaran Ramanathan, president of IDG Communications, Inc., said: “Segmenting your audience by job title and role in the purchasing decision is no longer enough to gain leads. Marketing companies just work better if you can also apply knowledge about the current stage of the potential customer on the way to purchase and actively engage them. Selling Simplified has been able to provide just that and shares our commitment to building deep relationships in international markets. ”

“IDG has been a natural partner for our next phase of development on many fronts. We believe that the merger of the two companies makes us the largest provider of B2B technology leaders in the world and offers a dynamic approach to success for our customers, ”said Michael Wife, CEO of Selling Simplified.

Why it matters

As more and more marketing and sales platforms appear on the market, channels are becoming more fragmented and complex. Therefore, there is a need for integrated platforms and solutions. Along with the digital transformation of organizations and the emergence of more people on the Internet, contacts have become more digital. However, although contextual breadcrumbs are available for B2B marketers to determine intentions, they are often found with publishers who serve as hubs for business intelligence. This type of acquisition will make intent data more accessible to B2B marketers.

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