How Can I Catch and Get Rid of Fruit Eaters in My Home?

They are notorious for swarming around food – which, combined with the fact that they can potentially contaminate food with bacteria and other disease-causing organisms.

They get not only on food, but also on garbage, feces and dead animals.

They have a cosmopolitan distribution, meaning they can be found almost anywhere in the world – unfortunately, this includes the UK.

What are fruit flies?

Fruit flies are not the same as house flies or midges – they can be distinguished by their yellow-brown coloration.

They lay their eggs on food (usually rotten fruit). If you accidentally eat their larvae, they can cause constipation, indigestion and diarrhea.

How can I prevent fruit flies from entering my home?

First of all, it is important to know what a fruit eater is are attracted to. Fruit flies love the smell and taste rotten fruit – so there’s a chance they’ll gather around bins and compost.

If you have unprotected fruit that is starting to spoil, they will target that as well. To keep them out of the house, make sure you only have fresh fruit and put any food waste into the garbage can outside.

Fruit flies thrive in dirty environments – if you keep your surfaces clean and tidy, you’re not creating an ideal habitat for them, and they’ll likely look elsewhere.

Your sink should be clean first of all. A dirty sink covered in leftover food is an ideal breeding ground for fruit flies. So they are also attracted to the sewers.

Study of art University of Kentucky agree that the best way to deal with fruit flies is to “eliminate sources of attraction”.

The best ways to catch fruit eaters and get rid of them

Homemade trap for fruit flies. Pay attention to the small holes in the cling film.

When fruit flies already successfully infected in your home, the first thing you need to do is identify and remove all potential breeding sites. If you don’t, flies will continue to breed and live in your home, no matter how many of them you kill.

One of the preferred methods of catching and killing fruit flies requires the use of apple cider vinegar, bowl and plastic wrap. If you don’t have apple cider vinegar, beer or wine will do just fine.

You will need to fill the bowl with the chosen liquid, then cover it with plastic wrap. Make sure the plastic wrap is tight and secure or it won’t work – you can use a rubber band around the bowl to secure the plastic in place if necessary.

You will then need to poke lots of small holes in the plastic wrap before leaving it near the source of the infection. Fruit flies will be attracted to the smell – exploring it, they will fly through the holes and will not be able to get out.

This method can also be done using a can and a folded sheet of paper. How Can I Catch and Get Rid of Fruit Eaters in My Home?

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