“House without energy bills”: developer Ilke Homes plans a high-efficiency house in Essex

The new factory-built house, designed to be energy efficient so residents don’t have to pay for gas or electricity, is set to be installed in a Essex residential area as part of a pilot project announced this week by modular housing developer Ilke Homes.

Using artificial intelligence, robotics and digital design technology, the company plans to build homes built in renewable power plants, and claims that residents will be able to save up to £ 40,000 in 20 years without paying for gas and electricity.

The two-story family home is to be designed at the factory and relocated to the town of Standford-le-Hope, where Ilke Homes is building 153 co-owned homes with the support of asset management specialist Gresham House, it explained.

A house with zero energy bills will benefit from a number of low-carbon technologies, and rooftop solar panels provide clean electricity to power building appliances, including the house’s heat pump, as well as household batteries to provide excess renewable energy. stored for use in times when the sun does not shine, explained in it.

A number of energy-efficient technologies are also being set up to reduce energy bills to zero, including high-efficiency LED lighting, efficient plumbing fixtures and ventilation systems, and the installation of “highly insulated” walls, floors and roofs, and airtight windows and doors.

The announcement came amid growing concerns about the climate and the economic consequences of the infamous UK housing stock, especially due to rising international gas prices, which has led to a sharp rise in wholesale gas and electricity prices. The increase in the energy price limit in the UK since April also involves doubling electricity bills in households for at least three-quarters of households.

Ilke Homes CEO Giles Carter said the launch of the “zero-account home” was an example of how businesses can help governments achieve climate goals while helping reduce citizens’ propensity to poverty amid the ongoing gas price crisis.

“Since the turn of the century, UK households have become overly dependent on gas imports, putting consumers at risk from rising wholesale gas prices,” he said. “Thanks to advances in manufacturing, materials and renewable energy, we have created homes that not only drastically reduce household bills, but also give consumers more control over their own energy use.”

The zero-bill Ilke Homes, developed with the support of specialist investor Gresham House and SO Resi co-owned housing association, is part of the company’s efforts to supply 1,000 zero-emission homes to investors, housing associations and councils across the UK each year. .

Gresham House and Ilke Homes are working to supply 101 of these zero-carbon homes to the Hope Green building in Essex, the report said.

Alistair Wardell, Gresham House’s director of investment, said his partnership with Ilke Homes was an “innovative and much-needed solution” to the historic shortage of shared-ownership housing in the south-east of England.

“Gresham House is committed to helping alleviate the shortage of affordable housing in the UK and provide sustainable and innovative solutions to this problem,” he said. “This project will give real benefits to Hope Green residents and is another step towards the widespread development of zero-cost residential homes across the UK.”

Kush Rawal, director of housing investment at SO Resi, said it was important to keep sustainable homes affordable.

“The housing sector obviously has a big role to play in reducing carbon emissions and moving to more sustainable construction methods and environmentally friendly homes,” she said. “However, we have always stressed the importance of finding balance and working with partners like ilke Homes and Gresham House to ensure that the transition to a clean life remains affordable for the consumer, otherwise we risk creating a two-tier society where we are sustainable only for those who can afford it ”.

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https://www.businessgreen.com/news/4045185/zero-energy-bills-home-developer-ilke-homes-plots-ultra-efficient-house-essex “House without energy bills”: developer Ilke Homes plans a high-efficiency house in Essex

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