Honeywell will introduce the Forge Pilot Connect mobile app

Next month, Honeywell plans to release the Forge Pilot Connect mobile app, which is designed to improve fuel economy, raise awareness of the situation and increase crew engagement throughout the flight. Pilot Connect integrates with Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency to offer a better understanding and guidance on cost-effectiveness and reduced carbon emissions.

Honeywell Forge’s end-to-end flight management platform is designed to provide operators with a holistic approach to flight management, integrating features from connectivity to flight operations, navigation databases and maintenance.

“The existing mobile app, formerly known as GoDirect Fuel Efficiency, allows flight efficiency managers to export dashboards from a data analytics portal to a mobile device. While this approach provides flexibility and customization, there is a growing need for data to be presented in a more interactive form that meets the practical and immediate needs of pilots, ”said Honeywell Aerospace President for Services and connecting Philip Chevier. . “In addition, our fully customizable Honeywell Forge Pilot Connect mobile app will not only incorporate all the features and functionality of the existing app, but will also include several new enhanced enhancements to improve pilot participation.”

https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/business-aviation/2022-02-15/honeywell-introduce-forge-pilot-connect-mobile-app Honeywell will introduce the Forge Pilot Connect mobile app

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