Hexagon chosen by Munich for shared mobility solution

Partnership with Fujitsu Helps the city track bikes, electric scooters and ride-sharing companies

Selected by the Mobility Division of Munich, Germany Hexagon geospace Implement a smart monitoring system to better manage and understand the impact of shared mobility services in the city.

Hexagon is provided in partnership with Fujitsu Munich is a software as a service (SaaS) solution for tracking, visualizing and analyzing Internet of Things (IoT) data from various mobility providers. This solution monitors shared vehicles such as electric scooters, motorcycles and cars, making it the first solution in Germany.

The solution also features a dynamic digital twin in the city, allowing users to fuse the real and digital worlds and receive constant updates. Fujitsu, along with Hexagon’s M.App Enterprise software, will provide the infrastructure needed for the project. This infrastructure is designed to constantly evolve according to the needs of our staff.

Hexagon was selected from 14 competitors based on its technical integrity and capabilities, as well as its established expertise in the field of transportation. With this smart surveillance system, cities can continually monitor and guide future mobility concepts based on data.

“Shared mobility is a major issue around the world, and the city of Munich is at the forefront of leveraging technology to manage these services,” said EMEA Senior Vice President of Safety, Infrastructure and Geospatial, Hexagon. One Maximilian Weber said. “We are pleased to provide a system that will help authorities better identify and understand traffic patterns with the goal of improving the mobility of cities in the future.”

Track eScooters in Munich using Hexagon’s M.App Enterprise. (Image: Hexagon Geographical Space) Hexagon chosen by Munich for shared mobility solution

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