Here are our top 7 tips on how to get on two wheels instead of four

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The best cycling tips

As gasoline prices have reached record highs, replacing four wheels with two could save British money.

According to cycling experts from BobbinBikes, who argue that using a bike to move, rather than a car, can affect the amount of money you have left at the end of the month.

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Cyclists not only save on fuel, but also save on maintenance, taxes, insurance and parking.

And not only your wallet wins. Cycling better for overall health and well-being and better for the planet.

BobbinBikes Spokesperson – – said: “We all know the benefits of cycling over the years in terms of health and the environment, but if you look at it in terms of cold money, there are benefits that can be gained from using two wheels instead of four.

“We are not unrealistic – there are cases when only a car is suitable, but for short trips to work, to shops, to visit friends and on vacation, then a bicycle is the way forward.

“If you completely abandon the car, you will get significant savings on all these important payments, such as road tax, maintenance, services and insurance.”

Here’s BobbinBikes guide on how cycling can save British money:

Scheme from cycle to work

Use the Cycle To Work Scheme (

If your employer offers a cycle-to-work scheme, make the most of it. This tax-free benefit helps distribute the cost of purchasing bicycles and safety equipment.


Bicycle maintenance is something you can do yourself (photo:

Bicycle maintenance is something you can do yourself, not spend to do it for you. Regular inspections will keep your bike in top condition, but if there’s anything you can’t fix yourself, check it out.

Fuel costs

Cycling saves fuel (photo:

In recent years, the price of gasoline has skyrocketed. Switching to two wheels will mean that this cost will disappear. Figures show that in 2020, the British spent about 22.30 pounds a week on fuel.

Road tax

You can save without paying road tax (photo:

The road tax can cost a motorist hundreds of pounds a year depending on the type of fuel and emissions. Think about what savings you can make.


Additional savings for cyclists can be made if you do not pay insurance (photo:

Annual car insurance takes up a significant portion of the money. According to Statista, in 2020 young drivers (20 years old) should expect to pay more than £ 800 a year. The cheapest bracket was for people aged 65 – 491 pounds a year. Ensuring that your bike is a fraction of the cost, you’ll be looking at anything from £ 34 to £ 139.


It is easy to park a bike, but take a reliable lock (photo:

If you have a bike, you will never have to pay for parking again! Bring a sturdy lock and explore safe places where you can leave your bike.

Health and well-being

Cycling – a great form of exercise (photo:

Cycling is a great type of exercise that increases heart rate and causes the blood to pump through the body, burning calories. So opt out of a gym membership and ride a bike instead. Here are our top 7 tips on how to get on two wheels instead of four

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