Heifers sold to £1,630 and fat cows to £1,380 at Armoy

Driving sold to £1,340 for Friesian steers at 615kg, heifers to £1,630 for a 650kg Limousin heifer and fat cows to £1,380 for 585kg.

Armoy Mart

Robert Curry, Ballymoney, Friesian, 615kg 1340lbs, 640kg 1260lbs, 690kg 1240lbs, 680kg 1180lbs. JD Wilson, Armoy, Charolais, 400kg 930lbs. David McClure, Ballymoney, Fleckvieh, 630kg – 1430lbs, 610kg – 1280lbs, 580kg – 1230lbs, 570kg – 1180lbs, 530kg – 1060lbs. E Young, Armoy, Limousin, 410kg 1060lbs. Peter McCurdy, Rathlin, Limousin, 250 kg, 680 lbs. Brian McCloskey, Loughgill, Friesian, 580kg – 1110lbs, 590kg – 1020lbs, 590kg – 1060lbs, 615kg – 1110lbs. Alan Dempster, Ballymoney, Hereford, 590kg, 1240lbs. R Currie, Ballymoney, Friesian, 605kgs £1170. Jas McAuley, BushmillsAberdeen Angus, 405kg, £880.

A and D Glass, Ballycastle, Limousin, 630kg £1630, 590kg £1460, 580kg £1460, 650kg £1630, 570kg £1340, 520kg £1220. Bushmills farmer, stabilizer, 580kg, £1380. David McClure, Ballymoney, Fleckvieh, 630kg, 1430lbs. George Steele, Bushmills, Aberdeen Angus, 530kg, 1100lbs. Peter McCurdy, Rathlin, Limousin, 250kg – 540lbs, 300kg – 640lbs.

Bushmills farmer, stabilizer, 600kg £1380, 570kg £1080. D McNeill, Loughguile, Fleckvieh, 590kg – 1100lbs, 540kg – 940lbs. John D Wilson, Armoy, Limousin, 600kg 980lbs.

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Auction: Armoy Livestock Mart Ltd. Heifers sold to £1,630 and fat cows to £1,380 at Armoy

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