GRSE/L&T launched the Indian Navy’s third research vessel, the large Ikshak

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) of India has announced the launching of the third Survey Vessels (Large) (SVL), named Ikshak, for the Indian Navy.

The vessel is being built by Indian companies Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE) and Larsen & Turbo (L&T) Shipbuilding.

The launch of the new vessel was marked by a ceremony held on November 26 in Kattupalli, Chennai, India.

It was attended by the Commander-in-Chief of the Southern Naval Command Vice Admiral MA Hampikholi and other officials.

During the traditional launching, the new ship “Ikshak” entered the waters of the Bay of Bengal for the first time.

The third name, SVL, which means “leader”, signifies the crucial role of research ships in maintaining the safety and security of mariners at sea.

The an initial contract to build four SVL ships was awarded the GRSE by the Indian Ministry of Defense in 2018.

Following this contract, the company entered into a subcontract with L&T Shipbuilding to support part of the construction of the second, third and fourth ships at its Katupali shipyard.

The first SVL named Sandhayak was launched in December 2021 while the second ship, Nirdeshak, was launched earlier this year.

Once built, these four ships will replace the Indian Navy’s Sandhayak-class survey ships.

The 110 m long and 16 m wide SVL is equipped with next-generation hydrographic equipment to aid in the collection of oceanographic/geophysical data for defense and civil purposes.

It can carry up to four research motorboats and a built-in helicopter.

The ship will mainly be deployed to carry out full-scale hydrographic surveys of navigation channels and ports in coastal and deep-sea areas.

Other roles include serving as a hospital ship in emergencies and providing limited protection. GRSE/L&T launched the Indian Navy’s third research vessel, the large Ikshak

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