Great Britain published new sanctions against Russia for mobilization in Ukraine

Britain on Wednesday published a new round of sanctions against Russian officials war in Ukrainetargeting those accused of initiating the recent mobilization and recruiting “criminal mercenaries”.

A new package of 22 sanctions hit the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturovwho, according to London, is responsible for overseeing the country’s arms industry and equipment newly mobilized troops.

It also affected 10 governors and regional leaders in Dagestan, Ingushetia and Kalmykia, from where it is noted that a “significant number” of conscripts were drawn.

It follows the UK in July application of sanctions to 29 regional governors for their role in providing financial support to Russian proxy administrations in the annexed parts of Ukraine.

Among other new goals are Arkady Guestevthe head of the Russian prison service, for “supporting the recruitment of prisoners” to Wagner’s Russian mercenary unit.

Western officials and Russian human rights groups accuse the head of Wagner Eugene Prigozhin — a businessman close to the Kremlin — personally participated in recruitment in Russian prisons to be sent to Ukraine.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin On September 21, a partial mobilization of the village was announced hundreds of thousands of reservists for sending to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Western military intelligence says thousands of Wagner PMC troops are stationed there, which, he told reporters earlier this month, “looks more and more like an integral part of the Russian forces.”

“They trained criminals, including murderers and sex offenders, in exchange for a pardon from President Putin,” the UK Foreign and Development Office said.

The new sanctions bring the number of individuals now exposed to London this year to 1,200, while more than 120 organizations have been fined in response to invasion of Ukraine.

Welcoming the punitive measures, the British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley called Moscow’s decision on partial mobilization a “desperate” but unsuccessful attempt to defeat the “valiant” Ukrainian forces.

“Today we sanctioned the individuals who forced conscription, sending thousands of Russian citizens to fight in Putin’s illegal and heinous war,” he added.

“The UK will continue to use both sanctions and military aid to support Ukraine in defending its independence.” Great Britain published new sanctions against Russia for mobilization in Ukraine

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