Government to cut available slots in Amsterdam Schiphol by 12%

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Under recently announced legislation, starting in November 2023, traffic could fall sharply.

In an effort to reduce noise and air pollution in the region, the current Dutch cabinet is moving forward, planning to limit the annual movement at the airport to 440,000 people. Schiphol is currently allowed 500,000 moves per year, although it does not use all available slots.

Environmental issues

The government sought to strike a balance between the importance of the airport to the country’s economy and improving the quality of life of surrounding residents, with Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management Mark Harbers expressing concern in a government statement issued on June 24.


The recently announced legislation could reduce the movement of Amsterdam Schiphol aircraft to 60,000 each year. Photo: Getty Images

“I want to offer confidence and perspective to both the aviation sector and the locals.” noted Harbers. “This decision is the basis for a new equilibrium. Unfortunately, it contains a difficult message for the aviation sector, which is still fully recovering from the dramatic effects of the crown pandemic.».

Over the last decade, the airport has grown exponentially and become a major European hubraising questions about further expansion and its impact on the environment and surrounding communities.

Since then, the airport has responded to the news, highlighting the work it has done to reduce emissions, and expressing its concern about the impact of regulatory changes on noise pollution.

“Schiphol’s mission is to connect the Netherlands with the world while accelerating the reduction of our impact on the environment and climate. Schiphol does not strive for growth for the sake of growth, nor for reduction for the sake of reduction ”.

“We stand for a well-thought-out approach that leads to the intended goal: to connect the Netherlands with the world as an increasingly quieter and cleaner Schiphol.”

No voting on Lelystad

Schiphol also criticized the government’s refusal to vote on future developments nearby Lelystad Airport as an alternative to excessive spillage to take the load on the currently congested airport facilities.

Lelystad, located about 25 km from the center of Amsterdam, currently operates as a general aviation airport. However, he has the resources to handle the big ones narrow-bodied aircraft, opening for him the opportunity to fly from lat cost and charter airlines. Plans collided frequent failures regarding environmental and financial issues and reduced passenger traffic through the pandemic.

The nearby Lelystad airport has often been used as an alternative to Schiphol, and it is planned that it will handle budget and charter services. Photo: Getty Images

Schiphol’s chiefs have strongly pushed the cabinet to move Lelystad to commercial services in recent months, and airport chief executive Dick Benshop urged the government to act in a January statement, noting that the airport is ready for use. However, the Cabinet has confirmed that it will not make a decision on Lelystad at least until mid-2024, as it awaits natural resolution and a decision on its low-approach routes.

Schiphol has especially struggled with its unprecedented demand after the pandemicmoving to cut thousands of flights this summer by about 16%limiting the daily number of seats to a total of 13,500 to ease the workload and prevent potential health and safety concerns.

“We are taking this measure with an incredibly heavy heart. Everyone in Schiphol and all our partners want nothing more than to greet all travelers with open arms, especially after exposure to the coronavirus.” Benshop added.

Much is possible at Schiphol this summer, but not all. Setting a limit now means that the vast majority of travelers will be able to travel from Schiphol in a safe and responsible way. ”

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Sources: AP,, Dutch news

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