GoPro Caused MV-22 Osprey Crash in Norway?

An investigation has found that the March 2022 crash of a US Marine Corps (USMC) MV-22 Osprey convertible in Norway was due to pilot error.

Late on the afternoon of March 18, 2022, a US Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey participating in Exercise Cold Response crashed during a training mission in Norway. Four US Marines were killed in the crash.

On August 15, 2022, an investigating officer with Marine Aviation Detachment 2 (MAW) released a report determining that pilot error was the cause of the crash of the Ghost 31 Osprey.

Ghost 31 was on a training flight from the Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF) Bude Air Base. According to the investigation, the crew deviated from the planned flight and entered the Gråtådalen valley to perform a series of maneuvers at low altitude.

At one point, the crew performed a left turn at a bank angle of 68 degrees in a river valley, exceeding the MV-22B Osprey’s normal operating range by 8 degrees. Then followed a corrected maneuver with a turn to the right of more than 80 degrees.

Improper maneuvers caused the aircraft to lose altitude and speed without enough room to turn around. The Osprey touched down on the east side of the valley.

While the reason for the ejection is unclear, investigators say an unauthorized personal GoPro recording device used at the time of the crash was found at the crash site.

“Such devices are prohibited on the grounds that they may encourage risk-taking and distract; this may have been the case with Ghost 31,” the report said.

However, footage obtained from the GoPro helped rule out worsening weather conditions as a factor in the crash. The investigation also concluded that the crew was qualified and the aircraft was properly maintained.

In order to better summarize and analyze post-flight information in the future, the report recommends adding a video and voice recording system to the MV-22B, which it does not currently have.

“If an unauthorized device can facilitate risky decision-making, it is highly likely that mandatory use of a video and voice recording system provided by the Marine Corps will have the opposite effect,” Maj. Gen. Michael S. Cederholm, then-commander of 2nd MAW, commented .

In June 2022, another USMC MV-22B Osprey convertible crashed in the Southern California desert, killing five Marines. The investigation into this accident is still ongoing.

https://www.aerotime.aero/articles/31919-pilot-error-mv-22-osprey-crash-norway GoPro Caused MV-22 Osprey Crash in Norway?

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