GoDaddy simplifies payments for personal transactions

GoDaddy has simplified payments for sellers who make transactions in person, a phenomenon that is growing due to the popularity of sites like Facebook Marketplace. Now sellers who display their goods at flea markets, farmers markets, etc., can use the GoDaddy mobile app without the need for equipment such as terminals, keys or card readers.

Merchants registered with GoDaddy Payments can use the QR code feature in the GoDaddy mobile app to process payments from customers.

The company explained that buyers scan the QR code from their own smartphone and complete the transaction with the selected credit or debit card.

“Each QR code is personalized, and to increase security, the code automatically expires after the transaction is completed,” the statement said. “And due to heightened concerns about personal purchases in connection with the pandemic, this latest feature of GoDaddy Payments offers a completely contactless payment method, so more than credit card information remains protected.”

GoDaddy Payments noted a commission for the transaction (2.3% + 30 cents for transactions with a QR code and only 2.3% for their POS equipment).

You can read the full announcement at GoDaddy website.

Ina Steiner

Ina Steiner
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