Glasgow joins the prosperous city initiative to mark a 100-day countdown to COP26

Glasgow marks the start of a 100-day countdown to the COP26 Climate Summit, participates in a two-year pilot project undertaken by the Thriving Cities Initiative, and develops and tests innovative ways to address climate change and environmental degradation. Was announced. A fair way to the public.

A project operated by the C40 Cities Network and funded by the KR Foundation, the Thriving Cities Initiative is a new system that works with selected cities to reduce overall consumption levels and give citizens access to better lives. Explore and nurture community activities and business models. Without abusing planetary boundaries. Glasgow, along with Philadelphia, Portland and Amsterdam, is the fourth city to participate in this project.

Glasgow City Council leader Susan Eitkin announced this morning’s move, with cities joining groups to enable a fair net-zero transition for citizens and communities, and other cities before the vibrant climate is discussed. It will be held in November, which stated that it sets an example for.

“As the host city of COP26, we provide a local heritage where all Grasswedians can lead healthier, fairer and richer lives without harming others or the planet. You have to do it, “she said. “Glasgow’s fair transition is particularly appropriate given the past memories and heritage of our post-industrial society.”

The city government, pilots, will provide all Glasgow people with financial opportunities and improved quality of life while prosperous city initiatives and Glasgow reduce local business emissions and promote low-carbon lifestyles. He said he would confirm that he would work together on the solution.

“We look forward to joining the Thriving Cities Initiative and working with local businesses, communities and academic institutions to help build a more environmentally friendly and equitable economy and community,” said Aitkin. increase.

As COP26 approached, the city government also noted many other initiatives planned to prepare local citizens and businesses for the important climate summit. This includes a “Get Ready Glasgow” campaign to prepare local businesses and residents to welcome representatives and visitors to the COP26 Summit, an opportunity for Glasgow residents to discuss and discuss meeting priorities. There are plans to establish a civic rally to give.

The host city of COP26 has previously set a goal of reaching net zero-carbon by 2030, and in December a “circular route map” showing how cities can develop a more sustainable economy over the next decade. Was announced. We have also created a “Green Investment Prospectus” and hired a Green Economy Manager to promote investment that can realize our ambitions for climate change.

In related news, this week’s C40 Group and consultant giant McKinsey Published a new report Provide guidance to city leaders on how to proceed with climate adaptation programs.

“Cities are at the forefront of the increasing physical risks associated with climate change,” the report said. “Urban areas are densely populated and are often located on coastlines, floodplains, islands, and other areas of specific climatic risk.”

There are many different approaches to climate adaptation that cities can take, arguing that it can make it difficult for cities to prioritize and determine the right actions to take. As such, the report shows 15 “potential” adaptive behaviors that may work in many types of cities. These include planting roadside trees, strengthening financial and insurance programs, adding coast-based barriers such as mangroves, and implementing emergency protocols and early warning systems.

“Climate change impacts are already measurable and some impacts are fixed to existing emissions, but by identifying the most effective and feasible actions, cities do them well and You can focus on building momentum to do more, “the report said.

https://www.businessgreen.com/news/4034821/glasgow-joins-thriving-cities-initiative-marks-100-day-countdown-cop26 Glasgow joins the prosperous city initiative to mark a 100-day countdown to COP26

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