Gilmour Space Announces First Joint Caravan Mission to LEO

Australian launch company Gilmour Space Technologies has announced that it will launch a dedicated joint mission to low Earth orbit (LEO) in late 2024.

Unlike most rocket launches, which contain a primary customer payload, a joint trip launch consists of multiple customer payloads such as cubesats, microsats, and other small spacecraft.

“This mission, called Caravan 1, will provide affordable access to new space customers looking to launch into a medium-inclination orbit in late 2024,” said Adam Gilmour, CEO and co-founder of Gilmour Space.

The venture capital-backed company is developing Australian rockets that will deliver various spacecraft to LEO; and plans to launch its first Eris vehicle from the Bowen Orbital Spaceport in Queensland, Australia, early next year.

“Caravan-1 will be launched in 2024 on our upgraded Eris Block 2 rocket (pictured), which will have a payload capacity of one tonne or 1,000 kilograms per NEO – a significant increase in launch capability and power for our customers,” he added.

Caravan-1 customers will also have the option of using a standard 15-inch adapter port and/or using Gilmour Space’s modular satellite platform called G-Sat for individual payloads. (Details available upon request.)

“The next few years will be a very exciting time for the global space industry, and missions like this will allow us to support the growth of new satellite and orbital technologies that can benefit humanity on Earth, in space and beyond. ” said Mr. Gilmore.

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