Germany wants to nationalize another gas importer

Germany considers options to nationalize gas importer SEFE, the German branch of the Russian energy giant Gazpromreported Reuters.

The report came a day after the German government’s decision nationalize the uniper to ensure stable gas supplies to the country amid the growing energy crisis.

Sources of the intelligence agency said that no decision has yet been taken on the potential nationalization of SEFE, which would protect it from bankruptcy.

This was first reported by the German news portal Spiegel.

German economy ministry and energy regulator officials said discussions on SEFE’s future are ongoing.

According to experts, the nationalization of SEFE will happen, but it may take several weeks.

Since April 2022, SEFE and its subsidiaries are under the trusteeship of the German Federal Network Agency to ensure the gas supply in the European country.

At the time, Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action said in a statement: “Gazprom Germania GmbH operates important infrastructure in Germany and is therefore extremely important for gas supplies.”

The move came after Gazprom abandoned Gazprom Germania.

SEFE has assets and subsidiaries in Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Belgium, the Czech Republic and beyond Europe.

Germany’s nationalization of energy companies comes at a time when the country is struggling to secure its energy supply.

Russia has cut supplies to European countries after NATO and its allies imposed sanctions on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

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