Germany has approved Raytheon’s shipboard anti-missile system

The budget committee of the German parliament has approved procurement of 600 Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) Block 2Bs for the German Navy.

The anti-aircraft missile system will be delivered between 2024 and 2029 at a cost of 561 million euros ($552 million).

RAM is a shipboard self-defense system designed to protect ships against multiple air targets simultaneously, including anti-ship missiles, helicopters, aircraft, and surface ships.

The supersonic guided missile complex consists of the MK-44 missile complex and the MK-49 guided missile launcher, which contains 21 missiles.

Increases the missile’s double maneuverability

Developed by RAMSys and Raytheon, the RAM Block 2 variant features a “larger rocket motor, improved control section, and an advanced RF receiver capable of detecting the quietest threat emitters.” respectively to Raytheon.

Modernization increases the missile’s maneuverability by two and a half times and increases its interception range by 50%.

Moreover, the system can be easily integrated with many ships, using existing ship sensors to obtain targeting and guidance information to counter anti-ship threats. Germany has approved Raytheon’s shipboard anti-missile system

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