Generation Z is smarter, more skeptical than its Millennial counterparts

When it comes to consumer activity generations, there is a big difference between the attributes of Generation Z shoppers compared to Millennial counterparts and the older generation.

The CM Group Consumer Survey, which surveyed 1,000 consumers, found that Generation Z consumers are more educated, more practical, more ambitious and more skeptical than Millennials.

Compared to any previous generation, people under the age of 24 expect a relevant “digital” experience that will be seamless and personalized, both online and in person, according to the release of the results. This subgroup of consumers also craves authenticity and transparency and confidently uses all the channels available to them to live everyday life – be it for learning, shopping, socializing or for entertainment.

Additional findings include:

  • 23% of Generation Z value authenticity as more important than any other product or attribute of a company, such as design or social impact.
  • 22% of Generation Z report that a lack of transparency lowers their opinion of brands and products more than any other generation.
  • 47% of Generation Z prefer to shop in the store compared to the Internet, more than any other generation.
  • 75% of Generation Z prefer their smartphones when shopping online compared to 69% of Millennials.

“Generation Z presents a unique challenge and opportunity for marketers as they emerge from two years of over-focusing on supply chains and pandemic issues. Contrary to popular belief, this generation is not only focused on technological expertise, but prefers to balance both according to them. needs, ”said in a release Wendy Verve, CM Group’s Marketing Director. “These are consumers who are knowledgeable about data and privacy and confident they can get what they want, both in person and online. Marketers who are not developing their future strategies to engage this generation through transparent, true experiences are lagging behind.”

https://www.retailcustomerexperience.com/news/gen-z-smarter-more-skeptical-than-millennial-counterparts/ Generation Z is smarter, more skeptical than its Millennial counterparts

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