Gap opens a store in Roblox to boost teen inclusion, self-expression

Short dive:

  • Gap will launch a virtual experience without a purchase at Club Roblox, a role-playing, user-created world built on the Roblox gaming platform, according to information sent via email to a related edition of Marketing Dive.
  • In collaboration with SuperAwesome, Club Roblox Boutique is designed to resemble the Gap Teen store and includes a mini-game for fashion shows called Style Stage, a juice bar and a photo area.
  • The game Style Stage draws inspiration from the summer company of the retailer, and the boutique Club Roblox offers teenagers the opportunity to express their individuality in the metaworld, aligning it with the priorities of young consumers around the growing space.

Diving Insight:

With the Boutique Club Roblox, Gap is taking the final step into the metaworld, a nascent concept that revolves around the convergence of the real and online worlds, becoming an increasing priority for marketers of all types.

The Club Roblox boutique, designed with the brand’s flagship store in Times Square in mind, is a teen-friendly activation that includes a mini-game on fashion and other digital capabilities. Activation is also linked to traditional retail marketing, drawing inspiration from a summer advertising campaign and featuring digital copies of items from the current Gap Teen collection.

For his latest meta-global attempt, Gap chose Roblox, a free gaming platform that exploded during the pandemic, especially among children and adolescents. Competitors American Eagle and Forever 21 both have taken to the platform in recent months to showcase clothing and gamify fashion accordingly; The Gap experience is designed for both.

Gap keeps in mind the metaversal benefits of young consumers, focusing its activation on inclusion and self-expression, which are also the themes of its marketing campaigns. Most of Generation Z consumers feel freer express themselves in games than in real life, while almost half (45%) say their gaming identity is a truer revelation of who they really are, according to a study by Vice Media Group and Razorfish Publicis Groupe.

By making Club Roblox Boutique without a purchase, Gap is also mindful of the benefits of Generation Z in terms of how brands should work in the metasection. While one-third of the Zs generation want the brand to develop virtual stores in the meta-universe, nearly half (46%) want the products and experience to be free, according to the study.

“We want Gap Teens to feel represented and connected in the inclusive world of Gap with an exciting and unique fashion experience that gives them the freedom to experiment with their individual style and be themselves, both IRL and in this fast-growing digital universe.” Mary Alderet, head of Gap’s global marketing department, said in a statement. “The participation of teenagers, where they live and play, in Club Roblox gives them another way to further communicate and express themselves in a new way.”

Club Roblox Boutique is a collaboration with SuperAwesome, a self-proclaimed technology company for children that creates a safe, compatible digital experience for children and young teens. SuperAwesome was acquired by Epic Games – the developer of Fortnite and the company that deals with it development of the metaworld – in 2020 it is work with WPP to help the agency group better understand the security and privacy of the Internet through a broader partnership around the metaworld.

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