France offers submarines to the Philippines

The French government is offering its high-performance submarines to the Philippine Navy to support its maritime activities.

ambassador of France Michelle Boccoz said the potential submarine deal was raised during her recent meeting with the President of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos Jr

The Philippine Navy has been searching for its first-ever submarine since last year, but the coronavirus pandemic has hampered the search.

Boccoz revealed that the European nation was among those who sent a proposal to Manila regarding a possible purchase.

She also noted that the French government is always ready if the Philippines makes a decision.

“France is obviously committed to closer cooperation with the Philippines … We are ready to work on this prospect with them,” she stated during the Indo-Pacific Symposium.

“There is a constant discussion. There is a tender and there is an offer. It’s a normal discussion.”

“Sea-tested submarines”

French defense company Naval Group is offering its Scorpene diesel-electric submarines as the Philippines’ first submarines.

They are reportedly “sea-tested” helping the navies of Chile, Malaysia, India and Brazil to protect their maritime territories.

According to Vice President Naval Group Asia-Pacific Nicolas de la VillemarqueFrance has an advantage over other countries due to its ability to build a fleet of “state-of-the-art” submarines.

“The focus is not only on the acquisition of the platform, but also on the three pillars of the platform, training and maintenance, and establishing a squadron in the Philippines. This is what makes us different from our competitors,” he said.

In addition to France, countries such as South Korea, India and Turkey have reportedly shown interest in supplying the navy with modern submarines. France offers submarines to the Philippines

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