Former Nazi camp for sale in Alderney, Guernsey

An unusual fragment of the history of the Second World War was put up for sale in Guernsey in the form of a piece of land once used by the invaders Nazi forces. In the plot listing, the agents say that “the site provides a unique opportunity to see what D-Day might have looked like from a German perspective,” thanks to Channel Islands invaded by Germany on June 30, 1940. German troops were trapped after D-Day.

Located in the southwestern corner of the village Alderney, the site has seven acres of land full of Nazi trenches, gun emplacements and battlements built by the Germans during their occupation of the British Isles. The site previously housed 24 Third Reich soldiers and officers after they invaded Guernsey in the Channel Islands, while two bunkers on the plot of land were built between 1942 and 1944.

Speaking of unusual real estate listings, Bell & Co Chief executive Andrew Eggleston hopes the new owner will keep it open for visitors to explore the site as they did years ago. The previous owner of the site worked tirelessly to maintain the grounds, however ill health forced the owner to sell.

“It would be very insulting if someone bought it and then started locking it. They’ve done so much work it’s pretty amazing,” he said, continuing a statement from the estate agents, which said “this is an incredible opportunity to offer seven acres of living history dating back to World War II.”

The Alderney site will be sold by sealed bid with a closing date of Friday, December 9, and is expected to sell for £40,000. Andrew Eggleston said interest in the site had already been expressed since its listing. Former Nazi camp for sale in Alderney, Guernsey

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