Flybe announces partnership with TrustFlight

Flybe has announced a partnership with TrustFlight and its suite of digital tools, including Tech Log, AMOS and Centrik, designed to improve airline safety, regulatory compliance and continued airworthiness.

The combination of TrustFlight’s industry expertise and advanced digital technologies will help Flybe provide its customers with an efficient, cost-effective and competitive service, ensuring the highest levels of safety, compliance and airworthiness.

Flybe CTO Ron Karger noted: “We began working closely with TrustFlight earlier this year, a relationship that has helped us realize our vision for a new, highly reliable and highly interoperable Flybe fleet, which will consist entirely of De Havilland Canada Dash 8- 400 (Q400). We are delighted to announce this new partnership and look forward to an even stronger relationship with TrustFlight as we expand our operations.”

As part of a powerful operational management solution, Centrik, TrustFlight’s EASA-approved electronic technical log, provides flight crew and engineering teams with remote, up-to-date access to the operational status, flight history and maintenance of their aircraft. The system places all important data in one easy-to-access portal, eliminating the need to process paper documents, helping to eliminate transcription errors, and providing significant improvements in efficiency.

Flybe also uses the TrustFlight Airworthiness Maintenance Organization (CAMO) function, as well as its computerized maintenance tracking system provided by Swiss-AS (AMOS), to ensure maximum reliability and regulatory compliance across the fleet. In addition, thanks to Centrik, Flybe will also benefit from cloud-based paperless access and control over all aspects of its operations, meaning all security, risk, compliance, documents, training and more can be managed from a single source.

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https://www.avitrader.com/2022/08/04/flybe-announces-partnership-with-trustflight/ Flybe announces partnership with TrustFlight

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