Fertilizer solutions made in Ontario to receive financing

The Ontario government has announced it is investing up to $2 million over two years in the Fertilizer Accelerating Solutions & Technology Challenge.

This funding will support made-in-Ontario solutions to increase the availability of fertilizer options, alternatives and technology for farmers across the province. The goal of the challenge is to “encourage agribusiness and industry to research, develop and even promote ideas that have spread around the fertilizer solutions and technologies we need to keep Ontario farmers competitive,” Lisa Thompson , Minister for Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said at the funding announcement, held at Cantelon Farms Ltd. in Seaforth.

Thompson said the challenge is the result of consultations with farmers and the agri-food sector on how to address ongoing fertilizer supply challenges while promoting innovation in the province’s agri-food sector.

The challenge is a competitive opportunity for agricultural businesses and organizations that will focus on investing in projects such as new solutions like biofertilizers that can help reduce dependence on imported products.

Accelerating the development of these projects from concept to commercialization is also essential. That’s why the Challenge is delivered by Bioenterprise Canada, a national not-for-profit business accelerator with expertise in bringing products from concept to market in the agri-food space. “I feel like they’re going to be a valuable partner in getting this program off the ground,” Thompson said.

Crosby Devitt, Executive Director of Grain Farmers of Ontario (GFO) said at the announcement that Ontario farmers are facing uncertain times right now, with disrupted supply chains “massively constrained by geopolitics. We have volatility in our markets and unclear direction.” He said that by working together, government and farmers can find solutions to help these challenges and that the Fertilizer Acceleration Technology and Solutions Challenge is one piece of the puzzle.

Devitt said GFO is looking forward to seeing what news ideas come out of the challenge and, more importantly, that they can be put into action in a short amount of time.

“We’re not going to solve every global fertilizer problem right away, we want to be able to be competitive down the road and find ways to be able to use every ounce or every pound of that fertilizer in the best way.”

Challenge details and project guidelines are available at and on Bioentrepreneur website. Applications for eligible applicants will be accepted from October 5, 2022 through November 2, 2022. Fertilizer solutions made in Ontario to receive financing

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