FBN says PACE is worth analyzing


FBN says PACE is worth analyzing

The director of crop insurance of Farmers’ business network says that a new crop insurance tool for applied nitrogen divided on corn is worth considering if it is offered in a farmer’s county.

Eric Sorensen says that Post Applied Coverage Endorsement, known as PACE, is for farmers who have unirrigated corn and apply split nitrogen.

He says it provides a little extra coverage when it’s too wet to apply N after planting.

“This could pay off, if you’re at the end of the day,” hey, it’s too wet, I can’t go out there and put nitrogen in. ” That would always be a problem, especially when we look at these corn prices, because it will negatively affect your yield. ”

There are some disadvantages, he says, because it is offered in limited areas, requires accounting and does not pay in certain situations.

“Suppose you activated the post-application of nitrogen, but it was a month late due to the weather. Let’s say it was wet, keeping you out of the field. It would not pay you a loss in this situation, even if you could have a reduction in yield. “

PACE is offered in 11 counties in 11 states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin. FBN says PACE is worth analyzing

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