Fat cows sold at €2,480 a head at Raphoe

From 70 to 90 euros for 28-33 kg.

From 90 to 110 euros for 34-37 kg.

From 110 to 130 euros for 38-45 kg.

From 130 to 140 euros for 46-55 kg.

Fat sheep were sold for 70 to 160 euros each.

Cattle Sale Thursday 22nd September 2022: Another great sale this week with lots of great lots.

Quality cattle continued to be in strong demand and sold from €2.80/kg to €3.30/kg.

Lighter and simpler lots sell from €2.20/kg to €2.60/kg.

Bulls/bulls sold from €2.50/kg to €3.30/kg.

Heifers sold from €2.60/kg to €3.40/kg.

Fat cows sold from €700/head to €2,480/head.

Aberdeen Angus cattle sold from €2.40/kg to €2.70/kg.

Friesian cattle sold from €1.80/kg to €2.20/kg.

Bulls of the highest class over 600 kg – from 800 to 1045 euros over weight.

Bulls – from 900 to 1560 euros over weight.

Beef heifers – from 650 to 1085 euros over weight.

Replacement heifers – from 400 to 980 euros over weight.

Sheep sale every Monday at 11am.

Cattle sale every Thursday at 11am.

Sales are also available through the MartBids app. Fat cows sold at €2,480 a head at Raphoe

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