Fat cows sell for 1,700 euros per head at Raphoe

This week is a bigger sell-off with strong trading throughout the sale.

80-110 euros for 27-32 kg.

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110-130 euros for 33-40 kg.

130-150 euros for 41-47 kg.

150-159 euros for 48-57 kg.

Fat sheep sell for 80 to 158 euros each.

Sheep with one lamb are sold for 150 to 255 euros / team.

Sheep with two lambs are sold for 200 to 270 euros / team.

Cattle sale, Thursday, February 17, 2022

This week for the sale of cattle there was more revenue with high demand for all classes of livestock.

The cattle forward again met a brisk trade this week, when many times sold from 2.60 euros / kg to more than 3 euros / kg and up to 1485 euros per weight.

Average weights sell from 2.50 euros / kg to 3.20 euros / kg.

Light weights sell from 2.80 euros / kg to 3.50 euros / kg.

Aberdeen Angus cattle are sold from 2 euros / kg to 2.70 euros / kg.

Friesian cattle are sold from 1.80 euros / kg to 2.20 euros / kg.

Bulls / bulls are sold from 2.20 euros / kg to 3.30 euros / kg.

Heifers sold from 2.30 euros / kg to 3.50 euros / kg.

Fat cows are sold from 660 euros / head to 1700 euros / head.

Bulls of the highest class weighing more than 600 kg – from 905 to 1335 euros per weight.

Beef bulls – from 875 to 1485 euros per weight.

Bulls shop – from 400 to 825 euros per weight.

Heifers – from 760 to 1335 euros per weight.

Heifers in the store – from 400 to 855 euros per weight.

Please note: on Thursday, March 17, the sale of cattle is prohibited. The cattle sale will take place on Tuesday, March 15, in conjunction with the evening sale.

The sale starts at 18.30.

Sheep sales every Monday at 11am.

Cattle sale every Thursday at 11.00.

Sales are available through the MartBids app. Fat cows sell for 1,700 euros per head at Raphoe

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