Farmers win the battle over nitrogen tariffs

Farmers celebrate today after US International Trade Commission ruled against imposing tariffs on imported nitrogen fertilizers. It will include the main suppliers – Russia, Trinidad and Tobago.

“This comes as a welcome relief,” he said National Association of Maize Growers (NCGA) President Chris Edgington. “We sounded the alarm and told ITC commissioners that tariffs would raise entry prices to even more inaccessible levels for farmers and paralyze our supply. I’m so glad they listened. “

Farmers are is already facing historically high prices affecting their ability to cultivate. Even though the USA supplies itself with domestic fertilizers, they are the third largest importer in the world, using over 10.3% of global fertilizers.

CF Industries, one of the country’s leading nitrogen producers, filed a petition in late 2021 with the ITC, asking the Commission to set tariffs for urea ammonium nitrate – a component of liquid fertilizers. Due to scarcity and inflation, prices have already risen exponentially since then.

The National Association of Corn Growers has been a strong supporter of tariffs, testifying at ITC’s public hearings and constantly shouting to the press, “Farmers cannot cultivate with their hands tied behind their backs.” The ITC decision will take effect immediately, and for the time being farmers can sigh with relief.

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