Experts reveal the worst day and time to drive in the UK

Bristol Street Motors showed the time and days when it is best for drivers to go on the road. The study looked at when UK roads are busiest and what this means for journey times.

Drivers in other parts of the country may be envious when they learn that Stoke-on-Trent, Coventry and Reading are the least congested cities in the UK, according to the study. In these cities, trips take 17% longer during peak hours compared to normal conditions. At each location, a normal 30-minute journey will take just 5 minutes longer during peak traffic.

The study also found that the average level of congestion on UK roads is around 24%. Lucky drivers in Preston have the quietest morning rush hour traffic in the country, with congestion levels of 24 per cent. By comparison, Londoners struggle with 50 per cent more congestion on their way to work, spending twice as much time in morning traffic as Preston residents.

Disappointingly, the study found that on average drivers in the UK spend 5,160 minutes sitting during rush hour, which equates to 86 hours.

Commented on the research of A Bristol Street Motors A spokesman said: “While wasting time during rush hour is inevitable, no matter where you live in the UK, there are ways to minimize the time you’re stuck in traffic. For example, if workplaces offer flexible start times, drivers may alter their commutes to avoid the busiest hours on the road.

They added: “Starting your day at 8 or 10am can help you get more time for yourself throughout the year. It can also be useful for exploring alternative routes to and from work. Even if the route seems longer on your satnav, you can avoid busy roads to travel faster.”

So when is the worst time for drivers to hit the road? Here’s a breakdown of the study’s findings.

What is the worst time and day to drive in the UK?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Friday was the UK’s busiest day of the week, with 4pm to 5pm identified as the main time to avoid on the road. The study found that on average across the country, the evening rush hour is busier than the morning rush hour. According to the study, drivers in the UK spend 33% of their journey in the morning rush hour and they spend up to 40% of their journey in the evening rush hour. Experts reveal the worst day and time to drive in the UK

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