Exclusive: Halsey is launching a second beauty brand

The celebrity beauty brand space is more crowded than ever, but Halsey thinks there’s room for one more label.

On July 25, the musician, whose off-stage name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, will debut her second beauty brand, AF94, which will be sold at Walmart, the brand’s exclusive retail partner, as well as on her own website.

AF94 will be the diffusion line of About-Face, Halsey’s first brand, which launched in January 2021. AF94 products include face stickers, cream blushes, mascaras, eye shadow crayons and biodegradable makeup remover wipes starting at $10.

Halsey is launching this venture knowing how crowded the celebrity beauty space is. She’s seen stiff competition from About-Face: In June, the brand cut prices to stand out.

“The customer is tired and I don’t blame them,” Halsey told BoF. “The market for celebrity beauty brands is completely saturated.”

However, she believes beauty shoppers are still looking for new labels. The 27-year-old musician, who found success with songs like “Bad at Love” and “Without Me” before finding a global audience working with BTS and the Chainsmokers, recently attracted a younger audience after starring in the animated film Sing 2. She believes that her young fans are especially interested in experimenting with such products at a lower price.

Halsey called About-Face “artistic makeup” and said the AF94 is aimed at entry-level buyers. (The two brands were developed and are managed by the same team, which includes Jeanne Chavez and Daine Mohajer, co-founders of 1990s beauty favorite Hard Candy). world,” though it does include colorful items like hot pink lip gloss and blue gel eyeliner — a nod to the neon trend that dominant beauty right now.

The AF94 was designed with Gen Z in mind and takes inspiration from the late 90’s and 2000’s beauty. Pop culture moments that served as inspiration include “the glittery nail polish from the poker scene in ‘The Parent Trap’ and the turquoise from [cover] of the tragic kingdom of Gwen Stefani without a doubt,” she added.

While beauty consumers have plenty of options for Maude eyeshadows and pink lip glosses, Halsey said the About-Face team designed AF94 to be fun and accessible, making some products reusable, like the label’s cheek stick , which functions as a lipstick.

Walmart is betting that the brand will catch on with younger shoppers, said Creighton Kiper, vice president of beauty merchandising. The company is rolling out special AF94-branded shelving for its beauty aisles and will also place promotional signage in other parts of its stores.

“The reality is there’s a sea of ​​products out there, but … Halsey has a very strong connection with our customer base, and it’s very good as well,” Kiper said. “The client always has an insatiable appetite for a new, higher-quality product, that’s why [we’re] presenting it for [them] to experiment.”

Halsey said About-Face’s direct-to-consumer positioning allowed her to understand the limits of the model, so with AF94, she pushed her team to work with Walmart. It’s a change in attitude that’s happening across retail, where even the most popular DTC brands are now experimenting with wholesale. In beauty, many labels are looking to partner with the likes of Walmart, Target or Ulta.

“I’m finishing up a US tour right now, I’m playing in Arkansas, Alabama… and I see my fans all dressed up, with crazy makeup, and I want to give them products that they can go into a store and get.” she said.

In the last few months of Art celebrity beauty space there’s been an influx of newcomers, with Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, Gwen Stefani and Scarlett Johansson launching new lines. Halsey, who is known to do her own makeup the album cover is removed and events on the red carpetsaid that her track record is different from beauty, and that she intends to show her millions of social media followers how to use AF94 products.

“I can show people how I use products, mix colors and how they inspire me… we’re not just using my face as a form of advertising,” she said. “It’s not ‘Look at what makeup someone else did.’ They can look at me as an artist and how I actually interact with the products.”

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