Employees of Aeroflot and other Russian airlines received notices of conscription

Employees of a number of Russian airlines and airports received notices of conscription for military service following President Vladimir Putin’s decree on partial military mobilization. We take a closer look at this developing story below.

Employees of the Russian Air Force have received summonses for conscription

Employees of at least five airlines, including the state-owned airline Aeroflotand 10 airports in Russia received call-up notices after President Putin ordered the partial mobilization of Russian military reserves.

Airline and aviation officials reportedly received the notices only a day after the mobilization order was announced. The majority in Russia pilots Commercial airline service is also staffed by reserve officers trained in military flight schools or privates who have completed military service.


Airlines hope that their key personnel will be exempted. Photo: Getty Images

The Federal Dispatchers Union also indicated that many air traffic controllers received their messages. The organization wrote personally to the Prime Minister of Russia, Mikhail Mishustin, about the exemption status.

Russian Defense Minister Siarhei Shaigu clarified on Wednesday that about 300,000 reservists will be called up, and they will be specialists with combat experience.

More than half of the employees could be drafted

According to the Russian newspaper “Kommersant”, a source in the Aeroflot group said that about half of the employees of the three airlines of the group, including “Victory” airline. and Airline “Russia”.could be brought to action.

Sources from three other airlines estimated that about 50-80% of their personnel could be drafted. Aeroflot has since created groups to compile a list of employees and their various specialties.

Chaos Liberation Project

Several airlines and airports have already compiled lists of employees they believe are exempt from military service. However, there is considerable confusion in the process as airline lawyers do not know where to send their exemption lists.

So far, carriers have sent their lists either to the Ministry of Transport, or to the Ministry of Defense, or to regional authorities. Since airlines hire employees from different regions, it is also not clear which military office to contact.

Many Russian pilots also have a military training diploma. Photo: Getty Images

With Russian aviation already in dire straits after months of economic sanctions, the recall of key personnel could threaten the airline even more. The airlines are expected to submit a request to the Department of Defense to grant exemption status to their critical personnel.

According to “Kommersant”,

“The greatest concern is the possible mobilization of not only crews, but also technicians, IT specialists and employees of commercial units.”

Kommersant explains that even calling in a few key people at certain airlines can paralyze operations, adding that “aeronautical engineers and IT specialists are very specific specialties; there are few of them, and each one is worth its weight in gold since the beginning of the sanctions.”

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