Embraer receives an E195-E2 order from Oman’s SalamAir

Embraer has received a boost in its efforts to expand its presence in the Middle East market with a firm order from SalamAir of Oman for six E195-E2s, the Brazilian manufacturer said on Thursday.

The first order was accompanied by an option for six more of Embraer’s largest jets; Embraer values ​​the contract at $934.6 billion at list prices if SalamAir exercises its options. Embraer is scheduled to deliver the aircraft, ordered in a two-class configuration with 135 seats, starting in late 2023.

The E195-E2s will be a platform to complement the 10 passenger aircraft of the Airbus A320 family and one cargo aircraft of the A321 SalamAir, increase the frequency of flights and develop new markets and pairs of cities. Initially, the airline plans to operate aircraft in domestic markets, including four oil fields and four international airports in Oman. Later, when the E195-E2 fleet reaches critical mass, it plans to launch international services to and from neighboring countries not yet connected to Oman.

“The aircraft will become a major part of our fleet,” said SalamAir CEO Mohamed Ahmed. “These aircraft are ideal for the next phase of our growth. They will allow the airline to open up new local and regional cities and increase the frequency of flights to these destinations with fuel efficiency and capacity that meet the needs of these markets.

https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/air-transport/2022-10-06/embraer-collects-e195-e2-order-omans-salamair Embraer receives an E195-E2 order from Oman’s SalamAir

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