Editor of Apple Daily arrested under Hong Kong security law | World

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Hong Kong (AP) —Hong Kong police arrested the editor-in-chief of the democratic Apple Daily newspaper and four other senior executives under National Security Act and searched their office on Thursday morning. The media reported.

Apple Daily is known for its strong democratic stance and often criticizes and criticizes the Chinese and Hong Kong governments for tightening control of cities.

Arrests and police investigations are the latest move by Hong Kong authorities to crack down on oppositions in Chinese cities in the semi-autonomous region, following months of anti-government protests in 2019.

According to Apple Daily, South China Morning Post, and other local media, Apple Daily Editor-in-Chief Ryan Lo, Next Digital CEO Chang Kim-Hoon, Publisher CEO, and two other editors have been arrested. ..

The government said security police had arrested five directors of the company on “suspicion of violating” national security law.

According to a statement, four men and one woman between the ages of 47 and 63 were arrested on suspicion of collusion with “external factors that endanger foreign or national security.”

More than 200 police officers were involved in the search for Apple Daily’s office, and the government said a warrant had been obtained to look for evidence of alleged violations of national security law. Editor of Apple Daily arrested under Hong Kong security law | World

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