eBay is effectively raising fees for all but the smallest retailers in the UK

eBay is eliminating discounts on UK sales next month, effectively raising commissions for all but the smallest sellers. eBay decided to email the sellers instead of publicly announcing the change.

To many readers, it may come as a surprise that eBay has offered UK business sellers discounts on collection. The board page on ebay uk explains that business sellers whose sales for the previous 3-month period reach £ 25,000 are entitled to a 4% discount on the final price fee, and those whose sales exceed £ 200,000 are entitled to an 8% discount.

(Note that the average is £ 8,333 / month in sales for three months in a row to qualify for the discount.)

On Wednesday, eBay sent an email to sellers informing them of the completion of volume discounts from March 20, 2022.

The news is particularly surprising, as last week eBay publicly announced the seller’s 2022 winter update, which added to the sense of secrecy in today’s news.

eBay wrote on Seller update landing page for sellers from the UK last week:

We’ve heard your feedback on fees
At eBay, we strive to create a marketplace that works for all sellers, no matter what you sell or the size of your business. We always listen to your feedback on the issues you face when it comes to our fees, and make changes to support this. We are also updating some of our policies. Below you will see that this includes removing or adapting policies that you said do not work for your business, and expanding those that do.

Last week, he announced three changes, not to mention a volume rebate:

  • Update supply of low-cost goods
  • New reduced fees for inexpensive collectibles
  • Changes in the way we return fees

Vendors are discussing an email that took place on Wednesday EBay UK discussion boards were upset to learn that they would pay more eBay fees. “They are an absolute disgrace. Their greed and complete disregard for the problems faced by small businesses at the moment and over the past few years are fascinating, ”wrote one of the sellers.

“A blow to the body,” one salesman called it. “With one hand they send you invitations to borrow money from them, and with the other hand they drop the fee. eBay is already getting huge fees … final value, advertising listing fees and new pay-per-click advertising. Next, they will charge us a fee for the feedback stars !!! ”

One cynical seller said, “It seems like a volume discount is just a trick to get us to go from PayPal to managed payments!”

Ina Steiner

Ina Steiner
Inna Steiner is a co-founder and editor of EcommerceBytes and has been reporting on e-commerce since 1999. She is a widely cited author on market sales and is the author of the book “Turn eBay Data into Dollars” (McGraw-Hill 2006). Her blog was featured in the book “Heroes of Blogs” (Wiley 2008). She is a member of the Association of Internet News (September 2005 – present) and reporters and investigative editors (March 2006 – present). Follow her on Twitter at @ecommercebytes and send news tips to ina@ecommercebytes.com. See disclosure at EcommerceBytes.com/disclosure/.

https://www.ecommercebytes.com/2022/02/16/ebay-effectively-raises-fees-for-all-but-the-smallest-uk-sellers/ eBay is effectively raising fees for all but the smallest retailers in the UK

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