Drivers face unlimited fines for non-compliance with the new traffic rules

Drivers warned: fines for non-compliance with new rules of the Road Code (Shutterstock)

Drivers warned that they could face unlimited fines and license fees if liability for the collision is proven.

Fresh rules of the road code were introduced last month, which means that drivers who do not take into account cyclists and pedestrians are now subjected to more severe penalties.

Unrestricted fines may be imposed for crimes such as driving without insurance and causing death as a result of dangerous driving – while some crimes may involve a significant prison term.

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What are new rules?

The new rules lay down a road hierarchy in which cyclists, who are called second on the road risk group, should have higher priority and now they have more rights to take a seat on the roadway.

Cyclists are advised to ride in the center of the lane on quiet streets in slow traffic and when approaching junctions or narrow roads.

The rules also state that cyclists “may comply with their judgments and are not required to use” designated lanes.

The highway now says, “You can ride alone in a row, and it can be safer, especially in large groups or accompanied by children or less experienced riders.”

If drivers are moving at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, they should leave five feet of space when overtaking cyclists.

If there is not enough space, drivers should wait in the back until they can safely overtake.

When turning, the driver must make sure that the cyclist nearby must pass first.

Along with cyclists, riders and equestrian vehicles also have an advantage over cars when the vehicle turns nearby.

This was stated by Mike Thompson of the car rental company Leasing Options The sun: “It is important that both cyclists and motorists understand these new rules, because non-compliance with them can lead to a collision, which can lead to serious injuries and even a large fine.

“If the driver of the car is to blame for the collision, it could be seen as careless and careless driving, which involves an unlimited fine and up to nine points in your license.

“If a cyclist is at fault, it could result in them being fined £ 1,000 for careless cycling, according to the Highway Code’s penalty table.”

What was said?

The Minister of Roads, Baroness Ver, said: “I can proudly say that we have some of the safest roads in the world, but I am determined to make them safer for everyone.

“These updates to the Road Code will do just that, introducing rules in the 21st century, encouraging people to respect and take into account the needs of those around them, and ensuring that all road users know the rules of the road.”

However, changes in the road code aimed at improving the protection of cyclists were called “fools” in parliament.

Former Conservative Prime Minister Sir Desmond Swain has accepted an exception to the new advice to cyclists to ride in the center of the lanes on quieter roads, in slower traffic and when approaching junctions to be as visible as possible.

Sir Desmond, a New York West and I want the drivers to be comfortable. .

“The advice in the new code that I should ride a bike in the center of the road is irrelevant, isn’t it?” Transport Minister Trudy Harrison replied: “I would like to emphasize that this advice is only on narrow roads.

“And I’m thrilled that he took the bike, because we also want half of the city and city trips to be walked on by 2030.”

Updated nine sections of the Code, added or changed 50 rules.

Other changes include recommendations for road traffic when pedestrians are crossing or waiting to cross at interchanges. Drivers face unlimited fines for non-compliance with the new traffic rules

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