Don’t forget your annual Dicamba training for 2022 – AgFax

Application of herbicides in soybeans. Photo: © Debra L Ferguson

One of the requirements for the label of dicamba products, indicated for widespread use in soybeans (Xtendimax, Tavium, Engenia), is that the participants of the application must undergo special training in dicamba annually.

If you need training, go to the page Iowa Agribusiness Association website and you will find links to company websites with information about their training. Note that the links are under the heading “Labels and product information, see image below.

Training in one company qualifies as dicamba / auxin training for all dicamba-based products.

Recall, any person responsible for mixing, loading, applying, or cleaning dicamba equipment must be a certified private pesticide applicator or commercial pesticide user in Iowa and must be trained in dicamba before processing the product each growing season. Certified Iowa handlers and other employees cannot handle these products.

Also, make sure you read the entire label for which dicamba product you will use before using it this growing season. As of February 16, 2022, Iowa has no additional labeling requirements for these products. This could potentially change, so it is recommended that you re-check before spraying to see if Iowa has additional label requirements.

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