Dobot Debuts Robots for Retail Customer Experience Tasks

Image courtesy of Dobot.

Robot maker Dobot has introduced collaborative robots for retail customers to perform tasks such as making coffee, smoothies, ice cream, noodles, fried chicken and more, according to a press release.

The Nova 2 and Nova 5 are the first two models in the Nova series with 2kg and 5kg load capacities for retail and physiotherapy applications respectively. They can replace workers to reduce operating costs and reduce direct human-to-human contact.

To better meet the needs of retail branding, the Nova series contrasts the rigid design philosophy of industrial robots and offers color customization to better fit into retail stores for a better customer experience.

The Nova series is also more compact than comparable industrial “cabots” and can fit into one square meter of space.

No coding knowledge is required to program the Nova robot. It only takes 10 minutes to set up.

The Nova series has safety features to detect human movement and stop working after 0.01 seconds when a collision is detected. In the event of a power outage, the Nova automatically stops in place to ensure safety.

https://www.retailcustomerexperience.com/news/dobot-debuts-robots-for-retail-tasks/ Dobot Debuts Robots for Retail Customer Experience Tasks

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