Dixon wins Blue Band YB Penzance

Locally the best birdies were scored by Danny Dixon from Dunloy in County Antrim who scored five birdies on the day to take the top five positions at the Mid Antrim Combine and 9th, 11th, 30th, 70th and 74th Open INFC National. Danny’s first bird, recorded at 4.13pm at 339 miles, was also tied for 14th in the section and 172nd in the Talbenny YB National Open a few weeks ago. She is a direct daughter of Danny’s 2010 Penzance YB National winner ‘Dixie Chick’. The winner’s sire is a son of the good Belgie van Widemeersch Denny Rooster and a grandson of “Dixie Chick”. Danny’s second birdie was credited 21 minutes later. The sire is a son of his good Belgian cockerel mated to a daughter of the famous “Big Hen” Martin Graham. The mother’s father is a son of Dixie Cheek mated to a grandson of Lady Helen, and the dam is a daughter of Dixie Cheek mated to Belgie Cock. The next morning, in the rain, Kells and District’s Henry Turkington made two birdies to win the Open’s 142nd and 159th. The first of these game birds was a small, elegant checkered hen. Sire was by Anthony and Norman Lewis of Dog and District and out of their 9th Open INFC Penzance YB National bird and dam by Aaron Murtagh of Armagh and is a granddaughter of two of Aaron’s birds that won the Harkness Rose Bowl for the top 2 birds in the INFC average OB National Kings Cup a few years ago. Ballymena and District’s Joey Wright had the only other local bird in the Open results winning the 7th Combine and 156th Open and like Danny’s first bird and Henry’s bird he also flew the Talbenny YB National a few weeks ago. Joey the hen looking blue checker cockerel is bred from the best animals of N Black and Sons of Dromara. Joey has just returned to the sport after an absence of 40 years and has achieved many top national positions in past races including 2nd Open National Membership at Beauvais in 1975 and the following year with the same Mosaic cock 6th Open National Cup of Kings from Rennes. He also won the NIPA Open in the Arklow Young Bird Race with over 30,000 birds competing. Mervyn Eagleson PO.

Mid Antrim Combine Penzance YB National – D Dixon Rasharkin 1215, D Dixon 1166, D Dixan 1054, D Dixon 913, D Dixon 900, Henry Turkington Kells & Dist 699, Joey Wright Ballymena & Dist 637, Henry Turkington Kells & Dist 633.

Mid Antrim Clubs Penzance

Danny Dixon had a top five position in the Mid Antrim combination with the Penzance YB Grand Nat. Danny holds the winner of 1st MAC, 9th North Sect and 9th Open INFC

Kells and District Hydroelectricity – Henry Turkington 699, 633.

Ballymena and District Hydro – Joey Wright 637.

Rasharkin and district hydroelectric power station – Danny Dixon vels 1215, 1166, 1054, 913, 900.

Danny Dixon is the best at Mid Antrim Skibbirin –

Just back in the sport, Joey Wright was the only bird in town to win 1st Ballymena and District

The final NIPA race of the season was the YB National from Skibbereen in County Cork. The young birds were released at 10.02 in light and variable winds. Danny Dixon of Dunloy had the best two birds in the Mid Antrim Combine in 15.42pm and 15.48pm to also win 1st and 2nd Section B. The next best wins in 3rd Combination and 3rd Section B were Johnston Eagleson and Sons who won in Ballymena and District and City for the sixth time in the juvenile season.

Their flour hen, sitting tight on a dozen eggs, was clocked at 3.43pm and had flown 260 miles. This hen is bred from P and D Racing Stud’s Van den Bulcks top hen and has been a multiple prize winner this season. A full brother was placed 6th, 8th and 9th at the combine in the juvenile breeding season. Keith Kernohan again had a winner at Garryville with a checkered cockerel out of his top breed Vermeerbergen x Wilms and Gary Gibson had a winner at Cullybackey 1323 with a Lambrecht cockerel with a dark plume. Cyr is the son of Heart Eater and the niece of Superke.

Other winners included Jimmy Smith and son of Ahoghill in 1311, Geoff Surgenar of Kells and county winner in 1275 with a youngster bred by his Busschaert x Hartog ‘Marion Hen’ mated to a Dave Palet cock, given to him by Dave Lillyman of Kells in and Freddie Barkley was the Rasharkin winner in 1267

Mid Antrim Combine Skibbereen YB National Preliminary – D. Dixon Rasharkin 1367, D. Dixon Rasharkin 1347, J. Eagleson & Sons Ballymena 1341, D. Dixon Rasharkin 1324, G. Gibson Cullybackey 1323, G. Gibson Cullybackey 1316, J. Smith & Son Ahogil 1311, D. Dix Rasharkin 1309, D. Dixon Rasharkin 1293, D. Dixon Rasharkin 1292, Surgenor Bros. Kells 1275, D. Dixon Rasharkin 1270, F. Barkley Rasharkin 1267, G. Gibson Culliback 1266, J. and J. Greer Cullibacki 1251, D. Dixon Rasharkin 1247, J. 1239, Gregg Bros Kells 1223, Gregg Bros Kells 1218, W McFetridge Rasharkin 1210, Blair and Rankin Ballymena 1209, J Rock Associate 1202, J Rock Associate 1201, J Smyth and Son Ahoghill 1194, Gregg Bros Kells 1191, J and J Grier Cullybackey. 1188, A. Daragh Cullybackey 1169, F. Barkley Rasharkin 1148, A. Barkley and Son Kells 1146, J. Eagleson & Sons Ballymena 1142, Blair & Rankin Ballymena 1140, J. McNeil & Son Randallstown 1139 E.S. and T Tweed Rasharkin 1138, G Gibson Coolibuck Key 1136, J Smyth and Son Ahoghill 1134.

Henry Turkington recorded two birds at Kells and District Hydro

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All claims for RPRA (Irish Region) awards in 2022 must be submitted to the Irish Region Secretary, Noel Higginson, by 30 September 2022. The list of awards is in the NIPA Race Book and look out for the Meritorious Individual Bird Performance Award at Talbenny ( 2) and Penzance. available in each section of NIPA and lofts should provide for making claims. Write to Noel Higginson at his new address, 8 Abercorn Square, Ballyclare, Co Antrim. BT39 9FJ. Tel. (028) 9443 9481 – Mob. 07518 748717. E-mail: [email protected]

Claims must also be made to NIPA within two weeks of the final race and the same applies to the Mid Antrim Combine awards which must be sent to Mervyn Eagleson.

Jimmy Hanson was the best winning loft in the great Coleraine Premier HPS

RPS Northern Ireland Provincial Association –

Section A – B Morgan Coalisland Blue Cock GB21L-07605.

Section B – S Murphy Kells Blue Hen GB20C-01123.

Section C – J and D Braniff Wheatfield Blue Cheq Cock GB21F-17702

Section D – I Rollins and Son Hills and Maze Blue Cheq Cock GB20H-12023.

Buckley’s top S and E riders at Edgarstown HPS

Section E – D Calvin Bondhill Blue Cock GB20L-27841.

Section F – P Murray Killyleagh and Dist Black Cheq Cock GB21E-14444.

Section G – R Williamson Newry and Dist Blue Cock GB20F-21254.

Section H – D Booth Morne Blue Cock GB21D-31313.

NIPA Old Bird Absolute Champion

Blue Cock GB20L 27841 Raced by David Calvin Bondhill Social.

RPS Northern Ireland Provincial Association –

2022 Old Bird Domestic Bird Lovers

Section A – B Morgan Coalisland Vel 1572.42.

Section B – J Eagleson and Sons Ballymena Vel 1552.37.

Section C – J and D Braniff Wheatfield Vel 1605.24.

Section D – I Rollins Hills and the Labyrinth Vel 1597.34.

Section E – G and A Campbell Armagh Vel 1598.32.

Section F – McCartan and Woodsides Crossgar Vel 1552.48.

Section G – JF McCabe and Son Newry and Dist Vel 1608.31.

Section H – D Booth Morne Vel 1490.03.

Old Bird Channel Lovers of 2022

Section A – R Corey Coalisland Vel 991.

Section B – W Blair Ballymoney Vel 923.

Section C – Thompson Ballyclare Vel 922.

Section D – M Russell Dromara Vel 931.

Section E – R Williamson Bondhill Vel 990.

Section G – R Williamson Newry and Dist Vel 1170

Diary Dates – Larne and District Hydro will hold their Moot on Friday 7th October 2022, the panel will be made up of leading names from Belgium and Holland. These names will be announced shortly, along with full details of the evening. P. McNaughten.

The Annual Dinner Dance and Prize Giving will take place at the Stormont Hotel in Belfast on Friday 25 November 2022 at 7pm. Tickets cost £35.00 and can be booked from the secretary or Ronnie Johnston by phone or email. (Secretary 028 92641265, Ronnie 028 90483625).

Accommodation rates when booking through INFC These special rates apply up to £90.00. Double room £100.00. Family room £120.00.

For booking through INFC.

As in previous years, early booking is recommended. Dixon wins Blue Band YB Penzance

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